3" EM300
This economy stle plug is slightly undersized and well-suited for securing overwrap material on lighter rolls.
3" EM301
When requirements call for a tougher plug, model EM301 fits that bill. Customers call this our 3" STOUT model. For extra stability, the eight radial ribs are flange/flush.
3" EM302
Model 3” EM302 has 8 body lugs for fitting a variety of 3” core sizes. It is especially popular with producers of plastic garment bags on rolls.
3" EM303
Model 3” EM303 is our regular-strength no flange plug. This plug fits flush against the end of a roll, much like a wooden plug.
3" EM304
Model 3” EM304 is the standard in the industry. With 8 body lugs, it is widely used by converters of plastic film, paper and foil.
3" EM307

When ultimate strength is required, this 3" flanged does the job. The six ribs are flush with the face of the plug and provide a smooth surface for hammer-force insertion. (Molded of tough polypropylene.)

3" EM310

This is a heavy-duty version of our 3” no flange plug, and is well-suited for higher strength needs.
3" EM320
Need or want and extra deep 3" plug to accommodate a thick pad/cushion? Model EM320 is a full 1-3/8" deep and has no body lugs.
For material wound on 6” cores, our 6” plugs provide two different types of roll fit:
EM 631 has 12 body lugs for a good snug fit.
6" EM603 NO LUGS
Model EM603 (without lugs and slightly undersized) is designed for rolls that are overwrapped.



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